ICU (Internal Camera Unit) – Slope Medium

The Medium Slope is a performance oriented ICU, which allows photographers to carry gripped bodies with attached lenses. The tapered design allows the lens and camera to rest in a protected level orientation. The bulk of the weight then sits closer to your back.
Recommended bags: Ajna 40L, Lotus 32L, Loka UL 37L, Kashmir UL 30L, Guru UL 25L

Technical Details

  • External Dimensions (in): (Top: 5 Depth x 11.5 Width), (Bottom: 7 Depth x 11.5 Width) x 11 Height
  • External Dimensions (cm): (Top: 12.7 Depth x 29.2 Width), (Bottom: 17.8 Depth x 29.2 Width) x 27.9 Height
  • Internal Dimensions (in): (Top: 4.5 Depth x 10.5 Width), (Bottom: 6.5 Depth x 10.5 Width) x 10 Height
  • Internal Dimensions (cm): (Top: 11.4 Depth x 26.7 Width), (Bottom: 16.5 Depth x 26.7 Width) x 25.4 Height
  • Weight: .54 kgs (1.2lbs)
  • Stitching: Heavy-duty, Industrial cross stitching

In Stock

£75.00 incl. VAT