• The f-stop backpacks and camera bags are more expensive than many others on the market. Why should I pay more to f-stop when I can find a similar pack that is less expensive?

    There are not many camera backpacks truly comparable to the f-stop camera packs. With the f-stop camera bags, you will be getting a product:

    • Made from higher grade materials
    • Containing more innovative design elements and features
    • Better designed because our community of Brand Ambassadors, all of whom are photographers, participate in the design, testing, and quality control of every f-stop product
    • More rugged and durable than any other pack on the market that lasts three to five times longer than others on the market
    • Backed by one of the best warranties in the industry
      • Mountain Series 20 years
      • Dyota Series 20 years
      • Ultralight Series 3 years
      • Urban Series 2 years
      • Accessories 2 years

    f-stop develop their camera backpacks with input from serious adventurers – people who must put in the work to get to the amazing locations they photograph. They ski, they ride, they climb. They demand performance without compromise from their gear. All Mountain Series and Ultralight camera packs have full internal aluminium frames, Soft Flex injection molded EVA hip belts and shoulder straps. They all feature back panel access, working seamlessly with the complete modular system of internal ICU organizers that f-stop innovated and refined over the last 12 years. This system lets you customize the number and size of compartments to fit your kit and your adventure. The f-stop packs meet the demands of the world’s most adventurous photographers because they were designed, tested, and refined in collaboration with them.

    When you take all of this into consideration, f-stop camera backpacks represent an amazing value and deliver a much higher return on your investment than any other camera backpack in the world.

  • What is the f-stop modular design, and why do you sell the inserts separately from the camera packs?

    f-stop was the first company to offer a modular system in the camera carry and camera gear industry. They developed the modular system to give customers maximum flexibility to use their camera packs as they wished and to carry exactly the right gear to any location for any photography project, assignment, or challenge. The inserts, or internal camera units (ICU), are the components of the f-stop system that create this user generated adaptability and flexibility to the camera backpacks in the Mountain Series and Ultralight Series.

    By separating the camera pack from the ICU, f-stop users gain the greatest level of flexibility possible in designing their own unique camera carry solution. The f-stop camera packs can adapt to long excursions were tents, sleeping backs, and even adventure sports gear is needed. This flexibility allows customers to carry the exact camera kit they need for any type of photography project from nature, to landscape, to video, to urban or travel settings, to drone, and even to adventure sports. The ICUs are also useful as equipment carry solutions on their own. Each one has a carry strap and make great carry-on pieces that protect your camera gear during air travel.

  • This system sounds complicated. How do I make sure I select the right pack and ICU combination for me?

    You have three options:

    1. You can buy one of our camera backpack bundles, which saves money, and offers excellent levels of flexibility and adaptability. These bundles include all you need to get started, depending on your requirements.
    2. You can call one of our f-stop experts, and they can help you. Contact us now to chat through your requirements.
    3. You can visit the f-stop website direct to use their online pack selector tool that will guide you through the selection of your camera backpack by having you answer a few simple questions.