ICU (Internal Camera Unit) – Pro XL

Perfect for photographers looking to maximize the volume of camera gear in their pack. This internal camera unit works very well with large kits, and it comfortably holds and protects attached super telephoto lenses.
Recommended bags: Sukha 70L (best fit and included in the Sukha Essentials Bundle), or Tilopa 50L.

Technical Details

  • External Dimensions (in): 7 Depth x 11.5 Width x 19 Height
  • External Dimensions (cm): 17.8 Depth x 29.2 Width x 48.3 Height
  • Internal Dimensions (in): 6.5 Depth x 10.5 Width x 18 Height
  • Internal Dimensions (cm): 16.5 Depth x 26.7 Width x 45.7 Height
  • Weight: .93 kgs (2.06lbs)
  • Stitching: Heavy-duty, Industrial cross stitching

In Stock

£119.00 incl. VAT